How Often Do You Bathe a Hedgehog?

So, you have decided to bathe your hedgehog. That’s great! They need baths just like you and me, but they aren’t quite as cooperative.

This article covers everything from how often they should be bathed to what products work best in their bathtubs.

We’ll even tell you what tools are needed so that it goes smoothly if you decide to take on this project yourself.

Hedgehogs and Bathing

The first thing to know about bathing a hedgehog is that they don’t like water very much. If you have one, chances are that they will not be a fan of the process.

Hedgehogs are not known for their love of water, and since hedgehogs cannot swim well, you should be careful when cleaning them in the bathtub or shower.

The best way to bathe your pet is with a spray bottle filled with warm (not hot) water—but only on occasion.

Due to their tendency to roll around in the mud outside, hedgehogs often need baths more than once per month.


How often you bathe your hedgehog will depend on the type of hedgehog, its age, and its personal preference.

Your veterinarian may recommend monthly baths for younger or smaller hedgehogs, while older or larger ones can do with less frequent baths.

How To Bathe Your Hedgehog?

If your hedgehog is healthy and in good condition, we recommend that you bathe it once every month or two (or as needed). To do this:

  • Fill a sink or other large container with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water—it could burn your pet.
  • Place a small bathmat into the bottom of the sink/container to prevent slipping while bathing.
  • Gently place your pet onto the mat inside the filled sink/container (be careful not to get soap in their eyes). If they’re unaccustomed to being handled by humans or anything else around them since birth—like most domesticated animals—you may need someone else there to help hold them down, so they don’t fall off during this process. Otherwise, try using some netting system like what’s used for fishing nets, so nothing gets tangled up during bath time. Don’t worry; once bath time begins, they won’t mind being held down by whatever means necessary because all they want is love from us humans.

Suitable Bathtubs

A hedgehog will need a suitable bathtub. The tub must be large enough for the hedgehog to move around comfortably but not so deep that the hedgehog can’t stand up and walk around.

Common places to bathe hedgehogs are in a sink, dishpan, infant bathtub, laundry sink, or bathtub.

When choosing your bathing tub, make sure it is free of sharp objects like corners or handles which could hurt your pet when they rub against them during bathing or grooming time.

You should also ensure that no soap leaks from any bottles into your pet’s water because this could cause irritation or an allergic reaction on their skin if ingested accidentally while drinking from the bowl (or worse yet…your mouth.).

For this purpose, you can use plastic containers such as Tupperware jugs with their lids removed; ensure they’re clean before filling them up with water.

What You Will Need

You will need the following:

  • Shampoo
  • Towels, one for drying off your hedgehog and another to cover him up with
  • Toys that you can play with or hide in (toys will also help keep them mentally stimulated)
  • Cotton balls for cleaning ears and eyes

Preparing the Water

Always use warm water for bathing your hedgehog. Hot water can cause burns and scalds, which are painful for your pet and potentially dangerous.

Don’t add soap, shampoo, or bubble bath to the bath, as these ingredients may irritate or dry their skin.

If you have used conditioner before to give your pet a nice coat of fur (and we don’t blame you if you did), be sure not to use it during baths because its high pH level can make it difficult for them to breathe underwater.

Bath Products

The best bath products to use are mild and free of fragrance and should not contain any alcohol or other chemicals.

Don’t use any products that contain menthol — this can irritate you. If a product has essential or citrus oils, don’t use them on your hedgehog.


Bath time is a critical time for your hedgehog, and there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, use a soft towel and gently pat dry their body.

The last thing you want to do is rub their little spikes off as they dry.

Second, don’t use a hair dryer or other intense heat source because it will burn them.


To keep your hedgehog safe while bathing, it is important that you do not leave him in water that is too hot.

Also, never let them soak for too long, as this can lead to severe problems and even death.

After taking your hedgehog out of the bathtub, dry him off and avoid getting water into his eyes or ears (or nose).

If soap gets into his eyes or ears, rinse well with a cloth until there are no signs of soap left behind. Avoid getting soap into his mouth, too – hedgehogs do not like soap.

Drying Your Hedgehog

After you’ve bathed your hedgehog, you’ll need to dry him off. You can use a hair dryer on low heat if you want—make sure it’s not too hot for him.

Use a towel to dry his backside and legs, making sure not to get too close to the face or ears.

Hedgehogs are sensitive creatures and can’t handle extremely hot temperatures as humans can.

Don’t ever use a blow-dryer with your hedgehog in it, no matter how many layers of towels you place between them.

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, hedgehogs need regular baths to stay clean and healthy. Although they don’t need to be bathed as often as other pets, they should still have a bath every 2-3 weeks.

Be sure to use a mild pet shampoo and warm water and be sure to rinse them really well.

After the bath, dry them off with a towel and provide plenty of bedding material to help keep them warm. With a little bit of care, your hedgehog will stay happy, healthy, and clean.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the best way to bathe your hedgehog.

Be sure to follow all of our advice, and you will be able to give your little friend a clean and safe bath that they’ll enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should you bathe your Hedgehog?

It is best to bathe your hedgehog every 2 weeks. This will keep your hedgehog clean and healthy! Be sure to use warm water and mild soap, not a hot wash comb.

Use a towel to dry your hedgehog and let him air dry.

How do you dry a Hedgehog after a Bath?

There are several methods for drying a hedgehog.

  • Wrap the hedgehog in a clean towel.
  • Use a fan or blow dryer to dry the hedgehog.
  • If the hedgehog seems too hot, you can place ice cubes in the towel.
  • You can also put the hedgehog in front of a fan or hairdryer.

Ideal Hedgehog bath Water Temperature?

Some hedgehogs don’t like the water to be hot, and others like it hot. Check the animal before you bathe it, and make sure it is comfortable. Use lukewarm water and wash the animal gently.

The ideal water temperature for hedgehogs is around 100°F.

Do Hedgehogs Really Need Bath?

Hedgehogs love having baths. They enjoy the warm water, but they only like to get wet if they are allowed to soak themselves completely.

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