Can Hedgehogs Eat Bananas?

Hedgehogs are some of the most adorable and playful pets you can have. They don’t require much care or grooming.

However, it’s necessary to take care of their diet and ensure that you feed them according to their requirements.

Like any living being, there are things that hedgehogs can eat and things that they can’t.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, and they have a specific dietary requirement that you must fulfill to take care of them properly.

Banana is a very common fruit humans like to consume, which makes many pet-owner ask, can hedgehogs eat bananas? We’re going to tell you all you must know.

Are Bananas Healthy?

Bananas contain potassium and are high in glucose which is why they can serve as a good food choice.

Bananas are rich in vitamins, minerals, and even fiber which explains their popularity among fruits.

They are also easy to access and eat, making them a great snack when you don’t want to prepare food properly.

Consuming bananas in moderation is necessary, so you don’t increase your sugar levels by too great a degree.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Bananas?

The simple answer is yes; hedgehogs can eat bananas. Many people find it surprising that hedgehogs can thrive while eating fruits and vegetables.

Most people think that their pet hedgehogs can only eat the hedgehog food that they buy at the store, but hedgehogs are omnivores and have a varied diet.

Since they are omnivores, we find that they can eat insects and specific fruits and vegetables that you feed them in moderation.

If you are feeding bananas to your hedgehog, then it’s necessary to be careful about the content and quantity of that banana.

Make sure you don’t feed your hedgehogs the peel or the blackened parts of a banana, as it may be difficult for them to digest these. Also, mash up the banana pieces before feeding them to your hedgehog.

One mistake pet owners are prone to making is peeling the banana and then throwing the whole thing into their pet’s sanctuary so they can eat it.

Beware! Hedgehogs rarely have impulse control and may very well eat more than their share and become sick.

To avoid this, always practice portion control.

How to Prepare Banana For Your Hedgehog

Now that we know that you can feed bananas to your hedgehog, it may be valuable to know how to prepare them.

Many people question if hedgehogs can eat a raw banana, and the answer is yes.

However, you want to ensure that you don’t give your pet any of the peels as they may be too difficult to digest.

The appropriate portion to feed hedgehogs is one tablespoon of banana. Make sure you mash it up well and then measure the portion with a tablespoon before presenting it to your hedgehog.

You must also ensure that you feed them bananas only once a week, as too much can increase the blood sugar content.

If your banana is overripe, then the amount you give to your hedgehog must be reduced further. Overripe bananas have a lot of sugar, and you want to ensure that you keep that level at a low.

What are Some Other Fruits Hedgehogs Can Eat?

Yes, hedgehogs can eat bananas. However, they may also have other fruits. We have mentioned some of the most common fruits to give your hedgehogs:


Hedgehogs can easily eat apples if you cut them into small pieces to feed your pet.

However, Apples are extremely sweet and thus contain an extra amount of sugar and glucose, which means you have to moderate.

If you feed your hedgehog too much sugar via apples, it may cause them to grow more obese and start having health problems. Thus, be careful with high sugar content fruits.


Pears are another fruit that you may give to your hedgehogs. However, be careful about removing the skin of these pears before you feed them.

You may also want to cut the pear into smaller pieces and control the portion you feed your pets. We also recommend you refrain from giving your pets too much sugar in one go.


Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are all full of antioxidants that will add to your pet’s diet.

The best thing about these berries is that they don’t have very high sugar content, so you can feed them to your hedgehog without worrying about obesity.

Furthermore, you must properly remove the peels on these berries as these covers may have chemicals that harm your pet.


You can easily give hedgehogs melon as they seem to enjoy this fruit. However, you want to break down the fruit into small pieces, so it’s easier for them to consume.

You may want to feed them different varieties, including honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

Make sure you remove any seeds from the flesh, so your pet doesn’t choke on them.


Cherries are also a fruit that your hedgehog may enjoy, but you must be careful about cherry pits. Cherry pits have cyanide; thus, they may be toxic to humans and your hedgehogs.

Make sure to remove the cherry pits from your cherries before you give them to them. You may also want to remove the skin and give people cherries in small amounts.

Are There Health Risks of Bananas to Your Hedgehog?

While bananas are a great snack, you must also be cognizant that they contain more phosphorous than calcium.

Phosphorous can stop the body from absorbing calcium, which means you don’t want to make bananas a major part of your diet.

Instead, a portion each week is the best way to feed bananas to your hedgehog.

Final Thoughts

If you’re asking yourself the question, can hedgehogs eat bananas? We’re here to inform you that they can.

You have to be careful about how much you’re feeding them since they are small creatures who don’t understand what may be good for them.

Thus, you can feed them bananas if you know how it will impact them. You could always talk to your vet if you have any further questions!

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